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Serving all sorts of clients from Cape Ann, Northeastern Massachusetts and beyond since 1994

Richard G. Loud, owner Mass. PLS #37561

We are a two-person company, so as license-holder, I directly perform all phases

of your survey project: research, field work, computations, analysis and drafting.


Boundary markers installed


Magnetic (locator-detectible) 5/8 iron rod with cap in 3 or 4 foot long granite bounds,

spike set in ledge, stone wall or earthen ground, set flush 6 by 6 at top. Other sizes available.

concrete surface; in lawn areas for safety; .


Many types of plans prepared..


Boundary plans: Topographic and detail plans: Permit-specific plans:

Divide land, reconfigure Support for architects, engineers, (Building Inspector,

lot lines, or draw a parcel environmental scientists, Conservation Commission,

for the first time; ALTA, landscape designers, etc. Waterways license, etc.)

Land Court plans, etc.


Construction layout performed..




I also prepare FEMA elevation certificates. For any survey task that you require, please contact me.


Licensed Insured Free estimates call 978-282-0443, or email


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